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What you will find below is more than a list of service. It is a listing of true expertise.


At Secure1One, we pride ourselves on our expertise. Conversely, when dealing with the kind of people who jeopardize the security and safety of our clients we try to avoid thinking like an expert. It is the only way to get inside their heads before they get inside your premises.

The resources available to formal law enforcement are spread thin. Alarmed by this trend, Texas communities, companies, and individuals frequently contract with Secure1One to fill some of the void.

Let us serve and protect your, family, employees, event, high-rise building, hotel, shopping center, grocery, trucking facility, school, apartment building, auto-dealership, neighborhood, or any other people or facility needing protection with:

Today’s workplace can be volatile. Secure1One will help your organization prepare for every potential threat. In some cases, reduction in force or the closing of a facility can pose a safety and security risk. Whether it is the closing of a facility or simply the release of a high-profile manager or agitated line employee; the protection of certain properties during times of stress; or simply the protection of a VIP; companies need to be prepared for a wide variety threats, including the possibility of hostility toward other employees and or management.

Secure1One helps you to prepare for those eventualities.

The Secure1One patrol’s presence in and of itself is a powerful crime deterrent. Simply by being there, our security officers enhance your employees’ safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft at your facility. Patrols can be of any number of different formats:

• Foot Patrol
• Bicycle Patrol
• Vehicle Patrol
• Emergency Response Situations
• Coordination-Interface with Local Law Enforcement
• Parking Lot Inspection
• Fire and Safety Watch Services
• Alarm Response

Secure1One offers an extensive range of confidential investigative services. If you are in need of any investigative assistance, please contact us. We will consult with you on a one-to-one basis to better understand your specific needs, answer any questions you may have, and discuss which services best meet your particular circumstances.

From surveillance to interviews to missing persons to security, Secure1One is your professional investigative source.

Secure1One offers an extensive range of confidential compliance services where you require enforcement of company policies, employee restrictions, or other circumstances where the safety of employees and property is required.

Compliance Services usually require the services of armed officers.

Sometimes it is simply necessary to ensure that arranged transportation is secure. At times it is simply the need for a VIP to move from one location to another, while other times it is the need for an armored vehicle when there is an open suspicion of violence.

Secure1One will tailor to your needs:

Individuals — where an escort is required when traveling through known violent areas (neighborhoods) or simply when a celebrity or VIP needs a secure ride to the airport

Businesses — where the transfer of high-value materials require a guarded escort

Government — when local a government entity needs to quietly escort guests or dignitaries without the more high-profile visibility of Police, Sheriff, or State Troopers.

Secure1One, stands ready to serve you and your company with personal, custom security packages tailored to your specific requirements. Find out more. Call us at (713) 266-2644 or complete the initial query form here: